Burlington High School Athletic Booster Club Background

The Burlington High School Athletic Booster Club is the recognized athletic boosters club at Burlington High School for all formal organized sports activities. The Athletic Booster Club supports, encourages and advances the athletic programs at Burlington High School. We award scholarships to eligible BHS seniors*. We provide fleece jackets and partially fund league championship jackets. We strive to fund equipment not covered by the BHS athletic budget.

* For graduating seniors to be eligible for an Athletic Booster Club scholarship annual family membership in the Athletic Booster Club is required for each year the student-athlete attends BHS and plays a sport.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Concessions will be open at sporting events at Varsity Field on the following dates, courtesy of the BHS Athletic Booster Club: Wednesday, April 25th, Saturday, May 5th, Monday, June 4th, and Tuesday, June 5th.